Understanding what gets in your way in life, and what you can do about it can be complicated.
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2400 Chestnut Street

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Phone: 215-564-6440


In my work with patients, I believe that a careful initial evaluation is essential. As treatment proceeds, I inevitably revise and re-revise my initial understanding, especially as the person with whom I'm working increasingly comes to his or her own insights.

Though I have great respect for many clinical psychologists and other non-medically trained psychotherapists, it can be a real advantage to see a psychiatrist for psychotherapy.  Even if an individual does not require medication, a psychiatrist's medical training allows him to attend to both the psychological and the biological dimensions of the person's difficulties.  In addition, a psychiatrist can assess the need for medication and prescribe it.

Despite my experience and skill with psychiatric medications, I don't primarily identify myself as a clinical psychopharmacologist.  Rather, I view myself as a psychiatrist with a keen appreciation that biological factors can be a major factor in a person's suffering. Psychotherapy is likely to produce results faster when such factors are addressed early in an integrated treatment. 

I believe that psychotherapy should be adjusted to the needs of the individual. Though my approach is versatile, whatever I say and do is also informed by an understanding that mental process, feelings and behavior are complex, contextual, and often conflictual -- driven by both conscious and unconscious factors. That said, be assured that I will not allow any theory, scientific interest, or therapeutic technique divert me from trying to help you to feel better and find your way. 

The most crucial element in successful psychiatric treatment is the doctor's commitment to establishing and maintaining a collaborative, responsible, respectful and trusting relationship with his or her patient. In my view, a psychotherapist is more likely to understand his patient empathetically in such a relationship. More importantly, the patient comes to find that being understood in this way is not only relieving. It also facilitates self-understanding, more accurate perception of others, and positively transformative growth.
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To assure confidentiality, I do not communicate by email with prospective patients. but would be happy to hear from you by phone about setting an appointment.

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Be aware that I do not accept insurance as an "in network provider" except for Aetna student health insurance through the University of Pennsylvania. If you have other insurance, you may well be eligible to receive partial reimbursement for treatment received from an "out of network" provider.

You don't need to have figured all is this out before calling.








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